Fake Venice: The ugly copies of Venice around the world

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Don’t be fooled; don’t trust the imitations. It seems like a joke, but in reality the “Venices” around the world are multiplying in the blink of an eye. There is no doubt that ours, the marvelous Venetian Island of the lagoon, is unique and irreplaceable; but this doesn’t exclude many who will try to replicate its incredible beauty 

From the Middle East to the United States, Venice remains an unequivocal symbol of uniqueness and marvel. Maybe that is why Saint Mark’s square and Palazzo Ducale, The Rialto Bridge and the many canals and gondolas can boast more and more copies being made.  If in many cases the reproductions have playful intentions- although they can seem a little badly shaped- and others found in amusement parks, some are 1:1 scale copies that arejust simply horrifying.

In case we needed to be reminded of the how beautiful the original Venice is, the only one who has the right to be called Venice, we’ll make a brief list of all the hideous ones there are out there. The result obviously is enough to push anyone to quickly book an apartment in the Real Venice city located in Italy.

The floating Venice- Dubai

At the top of the list is the latest creation, in fact it has yet to open- is the mega construction of the resort inspired by Venice, willed by the sheik Mohammed of the United Emirates. It will start construction in 2018 and be finished in 2020. Every stereotype of the Serenissima will be recreated for the joy of 3000 guests daily in a floating resort that is located 4 kilometers from Dubai.

The Venetian Las Vegas

It’s the most famous an almost “historical” copy. The Grand Casino Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. It is a gigantic reproduction that includes palaces and monuments that is very popular among slot machines and gondoliers.

Venetian – Macau

Imitation of an imitation? In China you can.  Here the game is even more bewildering with the duplicate of Venice from Las Vegas, and not the original. It’s an idea originating from the Sands hotel chain that decided to export the American Hotel the Venetian directly to Macau. In a bigger and uglier style.  

Venice Water Town- China

In the vicinity of Hanghzou, the incredible Chinese habit of reproducing entire European cities is found and of course Venice couldn’t possibly be an exception in the frightful collection on display.

Italian Pavillion- DisneyWorld

Inside the famous amusement park there is an area dedicated to 12 countries in the world, with an emblematic symbol to represent each one. Obviously representing Italy is one of its most famous cities- Venice- a picture perfect, plastic everything and fake-romanticism example.

Everland Resort- South Korea

Even here you can find a copy of a copy. In an enormous theme park complex, you’ll find the improbable reproduction of the San Marco Bell Tower and other Venetian stuff. No Comment. 

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