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… and you never dared asking

Venice is so unique that even the most predictable questions aren’t so banal. Maybe we are little bias, but at least once in your life, you should visit Venice. You may have seen thousands of pictures, hundreds of videos and dozens of movies about Venice, but taking in its energy first-hand is another thing. So then for those who have only seen it from “outside” some of these questions aren’t so obvious. Here is some info to clear up some of your doubts or questions that might come to mind before visiting Venice. 


You can’t reach St. Mark’s square by car

You can reach Venice by car but only in three points of access: Piazzale Roma, Tronchetto and Santa Marta. The rest of the historical city is off limits for motor vehicles.


Yes, There are still some people that live in Venice

It’s an image we see more than once, that is the city immortalized in postcard and for this reason seems reserved for visitors. In reality there are still people that live in Venice. The residents of Venice’s historical city center are 55,000 (but are decreasing more and more) and without them Venice would lose a large part of its charm and would become less and less authentic.


In Venice not everyone owns a boat

No car, alright. But at least a boat to get around the canals? Even this is different in Venice. Yes there are many Venetians that have a boat – more or less traditional – and it’s a pleasure to skim through the calm waters of the lagoon and move around with simplicity. But compared to many big cities, Venice can be lived by foot, even to get to work or everyday errands. For this reason there are no crowded “parking lots” of boats under schools (and no, students don’t use aquatic scooters in place of motorized scooters) in front of super markets or stores.


Venice is a city in the middle of the sea?

Venice isn’t an island, in fact it’s an archipelago of isles connected by countless bridges. By now the consolidated structure makes it an island in all effects – that with many others – surfaces within the Venetian Lagoon and connects to the Adriatic Sea by three different ports.


Even in Venice there are supermarkets

They aren’t as big as Walmarts, but even in Venice there are supermarkets that fit its proportions.  Small and often hidden they are a good solution if you prefer having a romantic dinner directly in your apartment. Keep your eyes open during your strolls and you will uncover many.


Are the canals fresh or salt water?

Even if some of the larger Venetian canals can seem like rivers, in reality the water that surrounds you and all of Venice is water from the Adriatic Sea, and therefore salty.

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