Everyone get ready for Viva Arte Viva: Biennale of Art 2017

biennale viva arte viva

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Every year the moment arrives in which Venice’s long history of art transforms into the capital of contemporary art. It happens in spring, in correspondence with the inauguration of the most important art show in the world: the International exhibition of the Biennale of Art.

Since 1895, the Biennale of Venice attracts visitors from all over the world. For those who have had the pleasure of witnessing the exhibition, alternating year after year from the architectural biennale, the inauguration represents an explosion of people, ferment, and life.

The whole city lights up- thanks to the many pavilions scattered about the island- especially during the Vernissage days (reserved for the thousands who work for this event) as well as the first opening week. If you like to dive in the mix of events, see the height of this unique expressive cultural exhibition or experience the biennale in its prime, one of the most visited in Italy, then the opening weekend is for you. Thousands of visitors come to Venice for this reason: to be the first to see the biennale of art.

If you prefer to experience the complex and rich exhibitions on your own time, know you have six months at your disposition to visit Viva Arte Viva. After the initial crowds, visitors diminish homogenously during the following months, enough to allow you to visit the pavilions and (immense) areas with the deserved attention and reservation art fans desire.

We’ve already suggested some place to have an aperitif during the biennale or where to go for a quick bite to eat. Some of the first things to remember are choosing the right apartment to stay in during this extraordinary but tiresome visit to the Biennale. There is a lot of beauty to get lost in, between the exhibition areas and the works of art on display.

As always the Venetian structures offer an added value to the events and manifestations. On a beautiful sunny day, dedicate a full day to visiting the gardens in the biennale, the many trees are a breath of fresh air and beautiful to see. If it is a rainy day unfortunately, start your day by visiting the Arsenale areas, where once upon time invincible fleet of the Serenissima resided.

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