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get to venice

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There are obviously many ways. Venice is a world heritage site and everyone wants to see it.  Regardless of its uniqueness, and particular environment that surrounds it, you can reach Venice with practically every type of vehicle. By air and sea or train, you just have to choose which best suits you.   

By Air

The Marco Polo International Airport in Italy is little, in effect. But it’s in third place for number of passengers. It has numerous airplane companies, of other nations and low cost. It is connected to all European capitals, and there are direct international flights to the United States as well as Asia, South America and Australia. If you arrive with your personal helicopter instead, you may land on the characteristic airport Nicelli located on the island of Lido ( Many VIP take advantage of it during the Film Festival).


By Car or Bus

Venice is an island, but it is connected to the mainland by a brick bridge almost 4 kilometers long. All wheeled vehicles can reach up to Pl. Roma, so if your arriving with a rental car, it is an ideal place to return it (most of the major car companies are represented) or simply park – at an expensive rate – in some of the parking areas available (Tronchetto, San Marco, and the Comunale.) Venice for sometime now has been a starting point for many national and international low cost bus companies like Fixbus and Megabus.


By Train

The Santa Lucia Train Station in Venice is one of the most trafficked in the country. From here many connections are available for all over Italy, even international trains that reach Paris, Vienna, Munich, and many other European destinations. If you don’t want to miss anything choose a luxurious journey in Europe aboard the Venice Simpson-Orient-Express.


By Sea

Forgot about the many ridiculously large cruise ships that arrive in Venice. There are instead many boats that reach Venice, in particular during the summertime. There are hydrofoils that are really fast that connect you to Croatia and the Balkans or ferry boats for Greece and many other beautiful islands.

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