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Venice is an island (in fact it’s made up of a bunch of islands) with a dense and unique city built on calm water. For centuries, the sea was the most important resource for the city, even in regards to nutrition. Today the fish caught from the lagoon is considered the gastronomical excellence of Venetian cuisine, making the sea still an economic fortune in Venice.

But you don’t just live off of fish. We’ve spoken to you about different splendid islands like Sant’Erasmo, today considered the “garden of Venice” with its many vegetable gardens and local cultivations, like the Violet Artichoke. But there is another island, much closer to the city center that is home to an incredible and just as marvelous vegetable garden. It’s located at the Zitelle on the island of the Giudecca (a historically famous vegetable garden) in fact here is where the Diffused Urban Farm of Venice is located in the garden of a retirement home.

Here three hundred different types of plants are cultivated, 15 species of tomatoes, basil, fruit trees of old variety and edible flowers on synergic cultivation. A natural agriculture that respects the seasons of man and doesn’t use chemical products or fertilizers making it a perfect example of the Slow aspect in a city like Venice. If you dine in a Venetian restaurant make sure you pay particular attention to the ingredients, it’s possible you’ll find some of these vegetables.

We recommend this place because it is a Venetian treasure.  The FUD known as the Erbe Matte organizes, every Tuesday, the Urban permaculture in Venice, a day dedicated to discovering this space but also valuing nature. Especially in an urban context like Venice (plus its so unique to the lagoon…) With a little contribution you can enjoy a vegetable based lunch prepared all together with products from the garden.

It is a priceless opportunity to experience the uniqueness of Venice and its ability to reinvent itself without forgetting its centuries of history.

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