Discover Venice through the eyes of a Venetian

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Many tend to tell you the same thing, Try to mix in with the “natives” so you can understand the traditional customs of the city. Since it is one of the most rewarding approaches to visit Venice during your Vacation.

If you’ve already read our blog, you’ll know we like to suggest: to stray from the rest, mix up your plans, change itineraries and enjoy a different type of Venice, one designed for you.  Here are the “commandments” to follow so that you can see the city with a different perspective.

Go by foot 

The temptation to use public transportation in any city is usually necessary, we know. But Venice is very small and easily covered by foot (unless you have to transport heavy luggage.) During peak season the boats are crowded and you risk starting your day off on the wrong foot if you don’t choose to walk.

Choose alternative paths 

Not even going by foot will result so easy if the main roads are crowded with tourists. And just like other cities Venice has the main roads to choose from and the less trafficked ones. It’s best to choose the alternative alleys that are tighter with less people. Even if it means a couple minutes longer, the satisfaction in finding a different route to get where you need will pay off. You better believe it, the way to avoid getting lost is simply to maintain the general direction.

The bàcaro? Not only before dinner

In Venice the bàcaro isn’t just simply a bar where you have an aperitif before dinner. For this reason it’s not a bad idea to take advantage of a Bàcaro for a full meal in your long walks. A cicchetto here, a meatball there, and a glass of wine or typical drink will satisfy your belly as well as your wallet. Try it.

The best hours of the day

If you’re staying in one of our apartments you have the liberty of choosing between the best hours of the day to visit Venice. Even if waking up early during your vacation isn’t so easy, dawn is always a magical moment in this city. While it’s inhabitants wake, the alleys are deserted, the sun lights the palaces and campi. The entire island is simply a monument of beauty. You can even take a break during the hotter hours of the day- and most crowded- to enjoy a romantic stroll at sunset until late evening. Venice isn’t just beautiful it’s a safe city.

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