Discover the Venetian Delicacies

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Art, atmosphere and timeless beauty. Venice is surely all of this and much more. There are many secrets the island hides for those who are truly worthy and interested in discovering the essence of this amazing city. A few of these hidden treasures are found in the ancient monasteries and are literally ready to take you by the tongue. Venice in fact offers you delicious local foods that are exclusively from the lagoon. Here are some.

Melissa Water

Lets start with something really particular. Melissa water of Carmelitani Scalzi in Venice (can be found in the church’s garden- close to the train station Santa Lucia) it isn’t a liquor to offer friends after dinner but rather a specialty from a fruitful harvest of Melissa the monks in Venice make. The special water helps stimulate the nervous system, balance the neurovegetative system, is an antiseptic and good disinfectant. Above all it smells very good and is naturally unique (historically grown in Venice in the Carmelitini convents that are found in Verona and Brescia as well.) You can find the Melissa in glass vials, wipes, cream and gel.

Rose marmalade

Try thinking of something sweeter or more romantic than a rose marmalade produced in a serene and panoramic island floating in the Venetian lagoon.  It’s right on San Lazzaro degli Armeni that the Mechitaristi monks grow a beautiful rose garden and produce the delicious rose marmalade. In the month of May, the flowers are gathered with the first light. Sugar and lemon juice are added to the petals and then the mixture is boiled. The marmalade is a vibrant red and it smells divine. You can purchase the product directly on the island for 7 euros a jar.

Laguna nel bicchiere (The Lagoon in a glass)

It’s both an epic and romantic  project promised by the association “Laguna nel bicchiere”. Not many know that over the centuries Venice had vineyards and indigenous grape variety that were then neglected and abandoned. Today you can taste some incredible Venetian wines (production is very small for obvious reasons), originating from vineyards and gardens of certain convents or islands. If you are fortunate, you can purchase 1 of the 900 bottles of Armonia Mundi, produced in the incredible vineyard at the church San Francesco della Vigna in Castello.

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