A day in Venice: Santa Croce

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We’ve gathered, there isn’t just Saint Mark’s Square in Venice. In our journey throughout this beautiful city we’ve already gone over brief itineraries to enjoy the hidden routes or the less crowded areas especially when visiting populated quarters like Cannaregio and Castello or lively quarters like San Polo and Dorsoduro.

The Venetian Cinderella- Santa Croce- it always remains a little out of the way, oftentimes overlooked in certain occasions. Possibly because it is the area you get to when coming from Piazzale Roma. This quarter is like an entrance ticket to Venice and for many it is simply just a place you have to cross in order to get to the more “nobler” areas by Piazza San Marco.

This area is just as beautiful as any other and has to offer out of the ordinary and hidden beauties. Many curiosities are waiting to be discovered in a relaxed, yet lively and festive area like this one.  The Santa Croce quarter should not be overlooked even if you have just a few days at your disposal.

Excluding Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto, Santa Croce is not a very large area.  It borders the San Polo and Dorsoduro area, making it the meridian part of the island “under” the Grand Canal. You won’t find looming Basilicas or phenomenal palaces or at least no the really popular ones. Instead you will find a pleasant urban thread that is less compact compared to the more central areas in Venice.

Rios, squares, and alleyways

Here you can find some of the more characteric rios of the city, like the romantic Rio Marin and the placid Rio of Malcanton, the marvelous squares in San Giacomo (the one we can’t get enough of) and San Zan Degolà (a must) and an infinite collection of calm alleys you can discover with your head held high without worrying about getting lost.

Rio Marin 3


There are plenty of them even in the Santa Croce area. But they aren’t the usual museums.  Visit the Fondaco dei Turchi-a spectacular palace on the Grand Canal- the home to the Museum of Natural History; The amazing Perfume Museum in the Moncenigo Palace and the International Gallery of Modern Art in Ca’Pesaro, yet another incredible Palace.

Historical museum Venice

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