A Day in Venice: San Marco

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Our trip continues to uncover Venice a little at a time, day by day, dividing up the time between the different quarters in this beautiful city. We’ve already reviewed what to visit in Dorsoduro and Cannaregio; now lets take a look at one of the most famous quarters of the island: San Marco.

The things to see here are obviously many, including the piazza and more. And if you want to dedicate some of your time visiting museums, it would be hard to see San Marco in one day.

Piazza San Marco

It’s one of the most famous places on the earth and is a must-see during your trip in Venice. Every centimeter of this area transpires beauty and history. It’s impossible not to be taken aback by this Marciana Piazza, from its beautiful covered portico and the incredible view on the San Marco Basin. Here you can’t pass up climbing the San Marco Bell Tower, a visit to the Basilica (don’t forget to visit the first floor Ballatoio), the entrance to Palazzo Ducale and a walk along the Ponte della Paglia.

Other Museums

There are many museums in the San Marco area and not just in the Piazza. Here are some museums for the art lovers you can’t over look: Palazzo Grassi and the incredible spaces in Palazzo Fortuny, the fascinating Palazzo Franchetti that directly faces the Grand Canal and the Accademia Bridge. The Beautiful Fenice Theatre isn’t a museum but it’s worth visiting (book a guided tour, you won’t regret it.)

Scala Contarini del Bovolo

It’s another hidden treasure in the city that we’ve discussed before. This little wonder must be included in your itinerary. Most importantly is the view from the top of the stairs.

The Shopping

If you’re also looking for some sane shopping, this is the place for you, especially if you’re looking for top designers. From the big department stores located in the Rialto area (Coin and Dfs a the Fondaco dei Tedeschi that will open in 2016) to Via 22 Marzo, considered the holy grail of Venetian shopping.

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