A day in Venice: Dorsoduro

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Venice is a puzzle, Venice is a labyrinth. We can get lost without worry or divide it up to get to know its beauty. Every quarter reserves a hidden gem and many other well-known attractions. We’ve already gone over what to visit while in Cannaregio, so here is what we can discover in the magnificent quarter of Dorsoduro

Not to be missed 

Starting with what you can’t miss (places you’ve most likely already heard of). There are many churches and museums in Venice but in Dorsoduro you can find incredible ones: The Santa Maria della Salute Basilica that can’t be overlooked since it dominates the “point” in which the quarter protrudes into the Grand Canal.  There are many famous and worthy Museums and just recently have been grouped up in a path coined “Venice Museum Mile” and it includes the Accademia Gallery, Punta della Dogana and many more.



Hidden Corners and Serene Moments

Dorsoduro is quite vast and often has trendy hangouts for the young (Campo Santa Margherita), panoramic walks (Zattere) and hidden relaxing areas. Dive in the mystical and beautiful church of San Nicolò dei Mendicoli while possibly taking a break to read and sit on the benches scattered about between the trees. Get there by walking in the internal alley-ways up until the Punta della Dogana, the end-point of the quarter so that you can admire San Marco during sunset. Discover the squero of San Trovaso and walk through its campo, which is raised above the ground. At last get lost in the fondamenta Angelo Raffaele and San Sebastiano: you won’t regret it.

squero san trovaso


By Night

Venice isn’t known for its nightlife (excluding private parties organized in luxurious Palaces or islands, all of these almost impossible to get in to), but in the evenings, especially during the nice weather, the campos fill up with life. The young love Campo Santa Margherita, where you can find many bars for all tastes. Dorsoduro hosts some of the few places where you can dance until late (Piccolo Mondo is a tiny club in the Accademia area).

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