A day in Venice: Castello

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Here’s another stop during your trip in Venice, day by day, quarter by quarter. If you have enough time, a day dedicated to the                             Castello quarter is a must.  Here spaces are much bigger and the city seems to take on a different spirit, more authentic, especially for the many residents that populate it. 

The Churches

The basilica of San Pietro di Castello is situated on an island of the island. You will fall immediately in love while crossing the areas to reach it. The cathedral and patriarch of Venice until 1807, this church is surrounded by splendid green grass. It is where at the end of June the splendid sagra, dedicated to S.Piero, is held.  Unforgettable is the magnificent church of San Giovanni Paolo, (now home to Venice’s hospital), the marvelous Palladian façade of San Francisco della Vigna and the hidden yet beautiful San Zaccaria Church.



In Castello the spaces open and make room for itineries- even linear ones-with a view. Walking Riva dei Schiavoni at sunset is a unique experience, just like walking along the San Marco Basin and waiting for the sun to set behind the Salute Basilica. On the opposite side, behind the Arsenale, a walk along the elevated boardwalks that take you to the Celestia Basin with a panoramic view is just as unique. Enjoy the green areas of Sant’Elena while seated on the benches under the trees. They are a perfect place to take a break during the hot Venetian summers (like the beautiful Gardens of Marinanessa).


The art in Castello  

Here you will find the Biennale headquarters: Arsenale and Giardini. For art and architecture fans, it is a must, especially if you are in Venice May through November. During these months in fact, art goers frequent the entire area. You can find them even after closing hours for a late aperitif in the characteristic Via Garibaldi.  

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