A day in Venice: Burano


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Burano is the island of merletti (lace) and Bussolà, of fishermen and colored houses and is without a doubt one of the many Oases found in Venice that you can’t pass up seeing.  A visit is obligatory, best to go during the less touristic periods or the weekdays. 

The islands of Murano, Torecello, and Burano remain the most important destinations in Venice and are the classical tours to be booked. As we’ve seen before, the Venetian lagoon is full of marvelous minor islands, from the more important to less known, but nevertheless extraordinary in their own way. And yet the fascinating and uniqueness of the Burano island remains an irresistible vocation for everyone, including Venetians.

Don’t expect to see a big or complex island like Venice. Burano is small and welcoming, pleasant and greedily kept like a jewel.  The best times to visit the island are early morning and in the evening, just in time for sunset, when the sun dives in the calm lagoon waters and most of the visitors are already heading back towards Venice.

We could list the top five things to see on the island, from the traditional and incredible lace stores (including lace museum) or the fascinating and colorful painted facades, the old fish market, the historical church and crooked bell tower, or the typical cookies “Bussolà and “Esse.”  The truth is Burano should be seen and re-seen, freely so the atmosphere can transport you without obligations or restrictions.  Burano is a little and independent island: You can’t risk getting lost; in the sense it won’t take you long to find your way.

The island is easy to reach, with a 45 minute vaporetto from the Fondamente Nuove (line 12) and is an ideal place to reach many other islands scattered about the lagoon. You could plan an extraordinary Venetian lunch at the Osteria Contemporanea Venissa located in Mazzorbo (an island connected to Burano by bridge) or reserve a spiritual excursion to the incredible island of San Francesco del Deserto. How about trying the amazing experience of fishing or the traditional visit to the island of Torecello?

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