Why Choose My Venice Apartment

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One thing we can all agree on is that: Venice is unique and beautiful. It’s no matter if you’ve only seen Venice through a post card, or movie, or television or if you’ve been just once. Venice is Venice. Period. And like all beautiful things, it’s important to enjoy and share its beauty.Nonetheless, so that this marvelous island can be experienced by all it is important to acknowledge it’s fragility and respect its weaknesses. So choosing in advanced where to stay and how to move about in the city as you would like, is good for you and Venice.

If you are interested in seizing Venice’s beauty, her essence, then visiting for two days won’t be enough. You need more than a couple of days and a different perspective.  Our apartments offer a comfortable, characteristic, and strategic position that will give you the independence and ability to “synchronize” with the city on your own time so you can experience the many different possible vacations

The Variety and the complexity the island has to offer is the perfect reason to look for alternative settings in the city. On a smaller scale, My Venice Apartment Blog tries to provide different experiences and advice so you can enjoy Venice and admire her timeless beauty and places; A perfect way to experience its spirit and appreciate its soul.

Even in the most crowded of times, you can get to know the real Venice. An apartment can be a valuable place to rest when it’s hot outside and the crowd is big or a place to enjoy a romantic dinner when all the restaurants are booked or even warm up after a night’s stroll on the island. An apartment is a perfect retreat.

Unfortunately even hotel rooms in Italy are impersonal and lack Venetian authenticity.  Choose a slower Venice, with character, and design your Venetian experience while staying true to the real nature of this splendid island, without giving up on your liberty to travel.

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