How to choose an apartment for your Venetian Vacation

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If you don’t like tot travel in hotels, if you prefer having more space, managing your own time, and a more familiar ambience, then you are looking for an apartment during your vacation in Venice.

If the first decision is made, well it’s actually a good starting point. Obviously the choices in Venice are infinite. If for many years dominating the market were numerous hotels on the island- ranging from luxury to decadent- things have changed now.

Places to stay in Venice have multiplied, in fact even too much. For this reason it’s important to choose the right apartment carefully for a perfect time in Venice. There are some small-big details that can make a big difference between a nightmare and a dream come true holiday.  You wouldn’t want to ruin your vacation would you? Here are some suggestions to follow when choosing your vacation home or apartment in Venice.

1- Legitimate rent

Best to be sure.  Unfortunately there are illegal structures and agencies constantly renting and booking places.  And it’s happening more and more. Don’t be seduced by these incredible prices, deceitful pictures, or limited information and details on the web. It is best to choose an apartment that is easy to follow up on and its legitimacy is easily verifiable. It’s not worth ruining your vacation for a bad stay.

2 – Position

Its not necessary to have an apartment right next to Piazza San Marco actually the ideal would be to have in mind already what kind of vacation you are planning to have and on this basis decide where to stay. You want to get to know the true spirit of Venice? Go for an area a little out of the way possibly where a lot of Venetians reside (like Ca’delle Ciocche, Corte dei Santi, or Ca’Giovanna.) If you want to stay near the center with spectacular views and spaces? And prefer an apartment on the last floor of a beautiful Venetian Palace then go for something like Ca’ della Scimmia or Ca’Lodovica. Note: if you are in need of a structure with easy access to public transportation make sure you are close to a waterbus stop and that the apartment is ground floor or has an elevator.

3 – Restoration and Details

We are well aware that time, history, as well as the position on water has been wearing on the homes in Venice. Not all apartments result perfect or meet home standards or guarantee the necessities we are used to in living comfortably.  Make sure there is an ample amount of pictures to check as well as photos representing all parts of the house and that included is a list of everything you will find in the place you plan to stay.

4 – Internet Site

You probably have found the same apartment on various internet sites. Make sure the it can be booked directly through an official site, apart from having more descriptions; you’re bound to get a better price.

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