The Cemetery on the Island of San Michele in Venice

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We often like talking of the islands in the lagoon of Venice. The beauty of this Venetian region doesn’t just lie within the historical part of the main island, but it is found in the archipelago and the various and scattered islands all so different yet all fascinating.  One of these islands is a very unique one: the island of San Michele, the cemetery of Venice.

This island is found between the Fondamente Nuove and Murano. They are distinctly recognizable by the row of Cypress overlooking north of the lagoon towards the Cannaregio and Castello quarters. It is where you will find the waterbuses that circulate the perimeters of the island.

In reality, in comparison to the rest of Venice, the history of San Michele is relatively recent. In the beginning of the 1800’s, Napoleon united the islands of San Cristoforo and San Michele together to form what would then become Venice’s cemetery. It was intentionally set on an island to avoid contamination.

Today this beautiful cemetery hosts- apart from the numerous tombs of famous people, including Igor Stravinskij and Emilio Vedova- the many Venetians that rest in peace between sky and sea, near the city they lived in.

It is possible to visit the cemetery in Venice every day, obviously keeping in mind it is an island. It could be a different and profound experience capable of transmitting the essence and reality of a city like Venice, not just from a spiritual point of view.

A trio full of touching notions will follow you to the cloister of the old Camaldolese abbey and fields of flowers, surrounded by the welcoming water of the lagoon.

Opening Hours

April-September: 7.30-18

October-March: 7.30-16

Vaporetti ACTV: lines 4.1 – 4.2

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