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  • From Venice to the Dolomites

    Venice and the mountains, two territories so different yet so close you couldn’t imagine (watch the beautiful cover picture by Claudio Vianello). From high altitude to zero meters, from summits to sea, Venice and the dolomites are two distinct worlds, two unique places – both part of the UNESCO patrimony – both as beautiful as they are different. Continue reading

  • A Family Apartment for your vacation in Venice

    Venice is the most romantic city by definition. Its canals, sunsets over water, its atmosphere without time when combined creates a magical and unforgettable experience made especially for couples in love (of all ages). But when the family expands and new little forces of nature become part of your life, Must you have to sacrifice a trip to Venice? Absolutely not. Continue reading

  • Discovering the Perfume Museum in Venice

    There is definitely no shortage of museums in Venice. It is undoubtedly a perfect way to discover this marvelous city and experience the ancient customs through palaces and collections that represent the best art and culture that over the centuries has contributed to making Venice great. Continue reading

  • Why go to the Rialto Fish Market

    There is a special corner in Venice, that just like many others, you don’t need to introduce like, The Rialto Fish Market. You definitely have heard of it, and if you’ve been to Venice you’ve most likely already had a stroll along the historical fishmonger stands. Continue reading

  • Venice: Traditional Feasts in August and September

    If you want to celebrate like the locals do, be sure to take part to these traditional festivals in your summer visit to Venice.
    Featuring something for everyone, in an almost country atmosphere – whether you’re into stories, music, theatre, video, cinema, food, charity and lotteries, religious functions, regattas, activities for children –  here’s our month-by-month guide to some of the best experiences coming in the summer to live the city’s water soul, like Venetians do. Continue reading

  • The apartment right for you during your vacation in Venice

    Your objective is Venice. Discover the island, learn its secrets, and enjoy the city’s marvels. We know: Venice is rightly so, a top destination for many. For this reason if you choose not to pass your sojourn in a hotel, you can take advantage of an apartment and the liberty it has to offer. The abundant options offered by My Venice Apartment will know surely how to satisfy your expectations. Continue reading

  • When it snows in Venice

    It doesn’t happen often, so it’s good to remember when it does. It’s not easy in fact for Venice to have the right climate factors for a good old snowfall. Oftentimes, even during the coldest winters, you will only get a glimpse of a few snowflakes falling that never stick to the alleys or square floor and it won’t be able to stick on the rooftops are bell towers either. But when it does actually snow in Venice, the spectacle is amazing. It’s good to remember that in case of snow (but not only), you better book something in the historical center, it’s the best choice to avoid delays and inconveniences due to the difficult connections with the mainland. Continue reading

  • camini venezia

    Venice and its Chimneys

    Almost everything, in Venice, hides curious peculiarities, ingenious mechanisms and often innovated technology and architecture. Since we love to give good suggestions, we definitely recommend lifting your eyes up and looking up at Venice. One of the first things you’ll notice in fact are the many different chimneys – in all different forms and dimensions – on the roofs of the many homes. Continue reading

  • The Red Benches of Venice

    As soon as you happen upon them, both tourists and Venetians are happy. They are the red benches of Venice, protected areas where you can relax for a little after a long walk through alleys and campielli or simply sit in a perfectly colorful outpost to contemplate the Marciana city.  Continue reading