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  • aperitif venice

    Time for an Aperitif in Venice

    It’s definitely not something that originated in Venice, but residents are very fond of it for sure. It’s that time that never fails with every season. Yet during spring and summer there is more to savor: The days are longer, its enjoyable to stay outside and campi are filled with young and the not so young who are ready to begin their night (or finish their work day) with a drink in hand. Continue reading

  • Why you should visit Venice at night

    If you want to experience and live a completely different Venice, you should then plan a night visit out on the town. Not in the evening or sunset (obviously these moments are valid too) but at night. The city’s nature radically changes under the moonlight, from crowded island rich in energy it morphs into a calm and timeless setting.  Continue reading

  • Slow Venice: built for man

    Venice is a city built for man, if there is such a thing in this world. But being also an island, there is no doubt that its element is a liquid one.  For centuries Venetians have lived a unique relationship with water, the lagoon and sea.  The water is a source of food, barricade against enemies and via for communicating. The water is part of Venice’s DNA and those who live there.  Continue reading

  • vera Venezia

    5 Things to do to get to know the real Venice

    Vacationing in Venice isn’t enough to get to know the heart and soul of the city. It’s a bit of a Venetian philosophy: Venice is a secretive city that should be revealed a little bit at a time. Here are some suggestions to start off on the right foot and explore the long love story of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Continue reading

  • regate venezia

    What are the Regate in Venice

    You can’t take away Venice’s traditions. During the centuries, Venice has tried to remain authentic, in spite of it all. Today it still offers some collective rituals that help relive the traditions of the Serenissima Republic or just simply help the few Venetian habitants enjoy the marvelous island. The Venetian Regattas are one of these traditions.  Continue reading

  • frittelle

    What to eat in Venice during Carnival

    During Carnival every trick counts. That’s what’s said around these parts. But in reality when you talk about food and sweets in Venice and in Italy you don’t joke at all. Every party (and every region) – even during different periods of the year – has its typical plates and carnival is no exception.  Continue reading

  • venite MD

    What was Venice like in the 1500’s?

    It’s easy to get to know Venice today, even for those who have never been (but obviously it isn’t quite the same thing.) Books, stills, satellite photos: Venice has no secrets not even for those that live it through a computer screen or navigate through their smartphone.  That’s why the map of Venice of Jacopo de’ Barbari, Venetie MD, (see photo) is still very relevant and important today.  Continue reading

  • dolomites

    The Dolomites seen from Venice

    If something or anything could match the beauty of Venice than it is rightfully the Dolomites. It is a protected natural landmark of UNESCO that Mother Nature created. But with beauty comes competition: Beauty is Universal. And if instead you could sum up these wonders? (All those terrific images are by Nicolò Miana, great venetian photographer. Visit Continue reading

  • foggy venice

    What to do in Venice when there’s Fog

    Oh no, Foggy day. We’re in Venice, it happens. During the humid Autumn in a city on water it’s a condition that can verify itself easily. But there’s no need to despair, quite the opposite actually. In Venice the fog is an opportunity really. You’re not in a car so therefore not dangerous and it’s not raining (even if we know what to do when it rains in Venice). The atmosphere is mystical and hazy making it the perfect opportunity to travel on a magical adventure in this timeless city, in an even more unique scenery.

    Continue reading

  • acqua alta

    What is High Water in Venice?

    Acqua Alta or High Water: Venice comes straight to mind.  But what is it in reality? When does it happen? What are the causes? And most importantly what should we do when it happens? Here is some information that can be useful so that you aren’t left “soaking” during your Venetian stay.    Continue reading

  • san marco

    Everything you would have liked to know about Venice…

    … and you never dared asking

    Venice is so unique that even the most predictable questions aren’t so banal. Maybe we are little bias, but at least once in your life, you should visit Venice. You may have seen thousands of pictures, hundreds of videos and dozens of movies about Venice, but taking in its energy first-hand is another thing. So then for those who have only seen it from “outside” some of these questions aren’t so obvious. Here is some info to clear up some of your doubts or questions that might come to mind before visiting Venice.  Continue reading

  • Venice in Autumn

    5 reasons to visit Venice in autumn

    Venice is always marvelous. But every season holds different hues of beauty that exalt some of its qualities more than others. If hot summer nights embrace you in a festive energy, fall reserves unexpected surprises, like limpid sunsets and typical atmospheric phenomenon. Here then are some valid reasons to visit Venice in autumn.   Continue reading