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  • Venice: Details count

    We’re used to using our finger not the moon.  So you can imagine what it’s like getting to a new and different city like Venice for the first time.  You’ll be bewildered and stunned. Different from all other cities yet it will seem familiar since you’ve seen it so many times in the movies or in pictures on Facebook. Continue reading

  • quattromila stagioni venezia

    The 4 (thousand) seasons in Venice

    Venice is an enigma, a mystery, a city meant to discover over and over again. Even though it may be small and timeless no visit is ever the same. The thousand different façades of such a beautiful city of art multiply exponentially thanks to many factors, which continues to modify its living conditions. Continue reading

  • Why Love Venice in the Autumn

    There are many ways- and periods to enjoy Venice. Everyone tends to have their favorite season, the one that puts them at ease, the one that satisfies their body and soul. So why not combine these moments with a trip to the lagoon? If autumn is on your side, you are lucky: Venice is amazing during this season. Continue reading

  • erbe matte orto venezia

    Erbe Matte: In Venice there is an incredible garden

    Venice is an island (in fact it’s made up of a bunch of islands) with a dense and unique city built on calm water. For centuries, the sea was the most important resource for the city, even in regards to nutrition. Today the fish caught from the lagoon is considered the gastronomical excellence of Venetian cuisine, making the sea still an economic fortune in Venice. Continue reading

  • A sustainable vacation in Venice

    Those who choose My Venice Apartment favor a type of vacation that doesn’t cater to the usual tourist. It’s a slow type of trip in discovering Venice. And we are proud of this Venice; this is why we suggest you visit Venice during the low season (not in the summer.) Not only because you can discover a different Venice but a more authentic less crowded one so you can feel the true nature of this island of the lagoon. Continue reading

  • Why visit Venice in September

    We know you don’t always get to choose when you have time off. But for those who have a choice, visiting Venice in September is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. The days are less humid and the sunsets are unique hues of orange and the rhythm of the city has remarkably cut down compared to the crowded summer period. Continue reading

  • The best pictures to take in Venice

    Venice’s image is burned in our minds. It’s the image we all love and recognize, a familiar panorama for even those who have never been. If you look for the hashtag #Venice on Instagram or Facebook you’ll find thousands and thousands of pictures that often look the same (our account strives to be different, take a look.)

    Everyone loves the beauty of Piazza San Marco, the bell tower, the Basilica and the magnificent Rialto Bridge and the enchanting sunset on the Grand Canal. Apart from these pictures, that you most definitely already have in your camera or smartphone (maybe both), we are sure it would be nice to show your friends and family on social media some more particular photos of the city. Continue reading

  • What (not) to Order in Venetian Restaurants

    On vacation, not everyone follows the same principles of dining in restaurants.  Rightly so,  everyone has their own tastes and habits. There are those who prefer familiar meals (from back home) or those who prefer an international cuisine or those who like to experiment new recipes and choose local traditional meals. Continue reading

  • Venice: vaporetto, taxi or gondola?

    There are many ways to discover Venice and just as many ways to do it by water. In the labyrinth of canals and rios oftentimes it isn’t clear the function of all these different types of transportation. The most obvious way isn’t always the best option or pleasant one to use.  Continue reading

  • Where to go when Venice is packed

    Its happens, especially on weekends during peak season, that Venice is literally bombarded with people. It’s nothing new-Venice isn’t the only city of art, Italian or not, that experiences it.  Either way it must be taken into consideration and shouldn’t be discouraging; in fact it can be an opportunity to discover a different side or an alternative Venice.

    It doesn’t matter how many airplanes, ships or trains that can reach Venice daily: Venice has hidden corners, immaculate areas free of hoards of tourists that are just as splendid to discover. Continue reading

  • 5 Reasons to visit Venice

    At least once in your life, Venice should be seen. Everyone, those that have already seen it or those who dream of seeing it, will tell you that thousands of movies set in the lagoon aren’t enough, or the infinite photos or post cards can’t replace the real essence of this unique city, different from all the rest.

    There are many marvelous cities in the world, why choose Venice? It’s complicated to reach, difficult to cover, expensive, and crowded during peak season. And yet, its charm remains intact over time, like an inextinguishable burning flame. Continue reading

  • Chorus churches in Venice

    How many churches are there in Venice? Or really which ones are the most beautiful churches in Venice? We could count them-and possibly make a list of the top ten, but the truth is, each one is beautiful in it own way and represents an incomparable Venetian treasure. From the most celebrated Basilicas to the small and not so popular churches that you can see while walking along the city. Every church has artistic riches as well as praised architectural structures.  Continue reading

  • Guide to Venice during the summer

    Summertime in Venice is marvelously full of color, longer days and beautiful sunsets in the Salute Basilica. If you have chosen the summer months to visit this splendid city you’ve chosen well, and with a couple suggestions you can enjoy the cities beauty to the fullest by avoiding the more crowded areas of the city during the period.  Continue reading

  • 10 Things to try while in Venice

    There are a million things to do in Venice. Or not any of them. Yep, that’s right, in a city like this one you don’t need to, “do something” to take home an unbelievable experience. What actually is worthwhile is experiencing the city without stress or pressure, and getting lost and and letting the little things surprise you, from unexpected moments or hidden alleys.  Continue reading