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  • Don’t miss out on the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

    Everyone stop, there’s the Biennale: an event that is a “can’t miss” for some and a perfect excuse to spend a couple days in Venice for others.  But no excuse is needed to visit the most beautiful city in the world, and so the biennale of Architecture 2018 becomes an easy destination for a perfect cultural vacation in the lagoon. Continue reading

  • When it snows in Venice

    It doesn’t happen often, so it’s good to remember when it does. It’s not easy in fact for Venice to have the right climate factors for a good old snowfall. Oftentimes, even during the coldest winters, you will only get a glimpse of a few snowflakes falling that never stick to the alleys or square floor and it won’t be able to stick on the rooftops are bell towers either. But when it does actually snow in Venice, the spectacle is amazing. It’s good to remember that in case of snow (but not only), you better book something in the historical center, it’s the best choice to avoid delays and inconveniences due to the difficult connections with the mainland. Continue reading

  • camini venezia

    Venice and its Chimneys

    Almost everything, in Venice, hides curious peculiarities, ingenious mechanisms and often innovated technology and architecture. Since we love to give good suggestions, we definitely recommend lifting your eyes up and looking up at Venice. One of the first things you’ll notice in fact are the many different chimneys – in all different forms and dimensions – on the roofs of the many homes. Continue reading

  • san martino burano

    San Martino in Venice isn’t Halloween

    The 31st of October to the 11th of November is a special time for children. This party time doubles in fact. The children in Venice awaited impatiently the traditional San Martino festival so that they could parade around the city asking stores for candy or coins. Today with the recent celebration of Halloween- of very different origins- but with similar traditions- the children can have twice the fun. Continue reading

  • autunno

    The Beauty of Venice in October

    Oh Autumn. If the only thing that comes to mind is that it is the melancholic season that leads to winter, you may risk losing unique moments or priceless ones that would make your vacation in Venice extra special.  In fact the lagoon, during this time still guarantees beautiful days, mild temperatures, and various palettes of spectacular colors.  Continue reading

  • 5 Things not to ask a Venetian

    There is useful information to ask and then there are things best not to ask a Venetian. It’s normal, when visiting a new city, no matter how much technological aid is provided today, some doubts are bound to arise. So why not ask a Venetian who lives it everyday? Of course, there aren’t very many of them, but Venetians are happy to help, when cordially asked.  But be sure not to ask the wrong question, especially if the question doesn’t prove to be appreciative or respectful to the city. Continue reading

  • Venice for Dummies

    We take for granted many things in Venice. In fact, it happens to us all. This city is so famous we have seen it everywhere, from cinema, to television and in pictures; it feels as though we know it. But what do we actually know in reality? Before planning your vacation in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s best to consider a few things.  Continue reading