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  • Christmas tree

    What to do in Venice during the Christmas Holidays

    If you’ve chosen to visit Venice during Christmas, you won’t regret it. The Christmas period is perfect to enjoy a romantic vacation surrounded by a one-of-a-kind winter atmosphere. Don’t expect polar weather (temperatures rarely drop below zero) but if your lucky you’ll be able to see the beautiful city under a mantle of light snow.  Continue reading

  • foggy venice

    What to do in Venice when there’s Fog

    Oh no, Foggy day. We’re in Venice, it happens. During the humid Autumn in a city on water it’s a condition that can verify itself easily. But there’s no need to despair, quite the opposite actually. In Venice the fog is an opportunity really. You’re not in a car so therefore not dangerous and it’s not raining (even if we know what to do when it rains in Venice). The atmosphere is mystical and hazy making it the perfect opportunity to travel on a magical adventure in this timeless city, in an even more unique scenery.

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  • acqua alta

    What is High Water in Venice?

    Acqua Alta or High Water: Venice comes straight to mind.  But what is it in reality? When does it happen? What are the causes? And most importantly what should we do when it happens? Here is some information that can be useful so that you aren’t left “soaking” during your Venetian stay.    Continue reading

  • san marco

    Everything you would have liked to know about Venice…

    … and you never dared asking

    Venice is so unique that even the most predictable questions aren’t so banal. Maybe we are little bias, but at least once in your life, you should visit Venice. You may have seen thousands of pictures, hundreds of videos and dozens of movies about Venice, but taking in its energy first-hand is another thing. So then for those who have only seen it from “outside” some of these questions aren’t so obvious. Here is some info to clear up some of your doubts or questions that might come to mind before visiting Venice.  Continue reading

  • Venice in Autumn

    5 reasons to visit Venice in autumn

    Venice is always marvelous. But every season holds different hues of beauty that exalt some of its qualities more than others. If hot summer nights embrace you in a festive energy, fall reserves unexpected surprises, like limpid sunsets and typical atmospheric phenomenon. Here then are some valid reasons to visit Venice in autumn.   Continue reading

  • summer of san martino

    The summer of San Martino in Venice

    With some exception, but there is nothing you can do: In Venice the summer of San Martino (Indian Summer) is (almost) always bound to happen. It’s a small bet, but November offers a lot of different and special sceneries in Venice. We’ve already touched upon water and fog – typical fall atmospheric conditions – but there are days, especially in these days, during this period, that make you think of springtime.  Continue reading

  • Ponte dei Sospiri

    The most famous bridges in Venice

    Almost all cities have bridges if built around a large river. But Venice? You can’t count how many bridges there are (well actually you can 400, 435 to be precise). There’s even a famous marathon that crosses many of them Su e Zo per I ponti (up and down the bridges). These Bridges, big or small made of wood or iron and mostly stone connect 121 islets that make Venice. We will highlight some of the most famous bridges even though there are many that deserve the same  attention.

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  • vaporetto

    Where to get the Vaporetto in Venice

    No buses or subway system. Only boats. After all transportation in Venice isn’t by wheel but rather by floating. Ambulances, police, firemen all run by water in order to deal with emergencies faster. And it’s just the same for public transportation. Vaporetti (waterbuses), mostoscafi (taxis), motonavi (larger boat for transportation) and ferryboats guarantee connections everyday within the city and to islands among the lagoon.  Continue reading

  • get lost in venice

    6 Tricks to avoid getting lost in Venice

    Even if getting lost in Venice could seem like a good idea (and sometimes we suggest this) often it can result disorienting with the alleys and campielli. So when you are looking for something specific like a palace or museum you can easily find yourself off-route.  But with a few steps to follow you’ll see its possible not to get lost in Venice.  Continue reading

  • The top 5 Spas in Venice

    Looking for wellness and tranquility. How can we do without it when on vacation? There is no doubt that Venice can guarantee both these while including all of its other marvels. Between hidden SPAs in alleyways and campielli and wellness centers in the middle of the lagoon, Venice has a lot to offer even in this sector. So if you would like to add to your history, art and water tours a beauty treatment with energizing massages dedicated to taking care of your body, here then are some suggestions useful for relaxing during your stay in Venice.  Continue reading

  • madonna de l'orto

    The most beautiful hidden campi in Venice

    Campi (squares) and campielli (smaller squares) are scattered about Venice. Traditionally in medieval times this term was diffused throughout all of Italy.  Today there are few examples found around in the peninsula (like campo De’ Fiori), substituted by “piazza”. On the otherhand Venice, a city that strives on being unique, there is only one Piazza – Piazza San Marco – and as for campos there are about a dozen.  Continue reading

  • gondola

    5 things to know about a Gondola

    Gondola. Try to think of another boat as well known as this one. Difficult right? The Gondola’s curves come to mind and everyone, at least once in their life, would like to go for a ride. The Gondola owes its popularity to the symbolic value it represents for Venice: an ingenious example of nautical engineering that quickly became an enduring success over the centuries.    Continue reading

  • spritz venezia

    Spritz in Venice: how to drink one?

    Did you know that drinking a spritz can be considered a rebellious act? Well, more or less. The aperitif Spritz is a Venetian must: take everything away from them but not their spritz. Often the drinks origins are confused with legends so much that in many cities in and out of  the Veneto region claim to be the birthplace. Continue reading