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  • Venice for Dummies

    We take for granted many things in Venice. In fact, it happens to us all. This city is so famous we have seen it everywhere, from cinema, to television and in pictures; it feels as though we know it. But what do we actually know in reality? Before planning your vacation in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s best to consider a few things.  Continue reading

  • The Cemetery on the Island of San Michele in Venice

    We often like talking of the islands in the lagoon of Venice. The beauty of this Venetian region doesn’t just lie within the historical part of the main island, but it is found in the archipelago and the various and scattered islands all so different yet all fascinating.  One of these islands is a very unique one: the island of San Michele, the cemetery of Venice. Continue reading

  • 5 things Not to Do while in Venice

    There are guides and then, there are guides. If you are getting ready for a trip to Venice, on the web you’ll find a lot of everything. You’ll find countless classifications, lists, and suggestions on what to do while in Venice. Things like, where to go? Where to sleep? Which museums to visit? What palaces to see, the best restaurants, why go here or there, you name it and you’ll find it. Continue reading

  • What to do during May in Venice

    Now it’s time to get serious, spring is in its prime and Venice blooms in full beauty. Well, Venice is always beautiful, in all seasons, and this much we know. But for those that love mild temperatures, the longer days and fervor during this time makes May a month worth visiting. Don’t expect a Venice with relatively few tourists like during the beginning of the year, expect to share the marvelous lagoon island with many other fans of this city. Continue reading

  • amare venezia

    5 reasons to love Venice

    Everyone loves Venice. There’s no doubt about that. Yeah, but why is this little city that emerges from the Venetian lagoon so loved? Being one of the most famous places in the World, everyone at least once in their life would like to visit. We may be biast, but we are sure that it is love at first sight for anyone who comes to visit.  Continue reading

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    Venetian Guide, which to choose

    You’re ready to visit and you can only think of that. Don’t worry. Being excited for your trip to Venice is more than normal. You’ve chosen the best time for you, booked your apartment (obviously with My Venice Apartment) and now the only thing left is a little yet valuable detail: a guide, that preferably fits in your pocket, and that can accompany you throughout your journey in Venice. Continue reading

  • The Calm after the Storm

    There is a moment here in Venice when the atmosphere is strange. In fact, it doesn’t happen often. The rhythm of the seasons, especially with regards to the visitors, is usually very evident. It is difficult to find a period in which the city is quiet and placid, even if- if you look carefully- rare moments of tranquility can be found. Continue reading