The festival of the Bòcolo in Venice

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For the Venetians the 25th of April is an important date that is honored every year. It is the festival of the Bocolo  (rosebud) a day dedicated to the Patronal Saint of San Marco in Venice.

If you’ve searched for information on Venice during this period, you will have found long descriptions of traditions and legends, to the origin of the myth and history of the rosebud that the Venetians give to their loved ones on the 25th of April. Like always the fascinating stories remain unaltered in time (at the end of the article you’ll find the legend told by

The 25th of April, which in Italy coincides with the national festival of Liberation (anniversary of the country’s liberation from the nazi-fascist occupation) in Venice there is a particular air. The intersecting festivities create a unique atmosphere in the lagoon. The Laic celebration sums up the religious liturgy that honors San Marco, Patronal Saint of the island and Serinissima.

Memory lane of the areas dedicated to the Liberation is touching (especially emotional is the ceremony held in the Jewish Ghetto) including the raising of the flags in Piazza San Marco early morning with city bands playing; at the same time and of same impact is the Patriarchal mass in the San Marco Basilica and the afternoon solemn vespers.

In this period of festivities diffused in alleys and squares, you’ll recognize right away the Venetians, even though Venice during this time is full of visitors. Residents at morning walk the streets with a beautiful and romantic “bòcolo” (rosebud) in hand.

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