The Beauty of Venice in October


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Oh Autumn. If the only thing that comes to mind is that it is the melancholic season that leads to winter, you may risk losing unique moments or priceless ones that would make your vacation in Venice extra special.  In fact the lagoon, during this time still guarantees beautiful days, mild temperatures, and various palettes of spectacular colors. 

During Fall in Venice you can still do many things that would normally be done in in the summertime. Actually, in some cases the calmer days of October and November offer very intense sensations. Even more, there are no longer the sweltering days found in summer and significantly less tourists. There is a beautiful light with different hues that envelopes the city making Venice an excellent destination during this period.

For those who love walking– Venice is perfect for this – the October mildness is ideal long walks to discover the different quarters in the city or visiting the many beautiful islands in the lagoon (and not just the popular ones.) Continue to take advantage of the contemporary art exhibitions still showing. In first place is the International Exhibition of the Biennale of Art (closing end of November.)

If you enjoy taking a break in one of the gardens located on the island, in Autumn you’ll discover something new with these enchanting and colorful areas. The Venetian leaves express marvelous chromatic variations while in a most unique historical setting of palaces, canals and campielli. Don’t forget to include visiting islands in your itinerary or to take a look at the many private gardens that oftentimes reveal little secret treasures that are very beautiful and unfortunately many times inaccessible.

The foodie lovers can still take advantage of outdoor sitting while tasting the best dishes and cicchetti in the Venetian cuisine or simply enjoy a romantic aperitif along side a canal while watching the sunset. 

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