A visit to the Casanova Museum & Experience

giacomo casanova

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Venice is an open-air museum, there’s no doubt. Walking along the alleys and campielli, observing the city that was erected from water, describes centuries of history in every angle making it an incredible experience for everyone. But now apart from the city museums and national museums, and the temporary biennale exhibitions, Punta della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi, the Guggenheim foundation and the Vedova, as well as the many galleries and art shows, there is another one to add: Casanova Museum and Experience.

The Museum “Casanova Museum & Experience” offers it’s visitors the unique opportunity to be protagonists to an authentic portrayal of Giacomo Casanova’s life by reliving in first person his world and era.

Moving about the grand halls of Palazzo Papafava, typical gothic Patrician Venetian palace of the XIV century, you can enjoy the experience with the atmosphere, sounds, scenery and costumes that are related to Casanova the man and his time.

It is a trip back in time, an occasion to breathe in an interactive and magical atmosphere that has fascinated all visitors in Venice. The exhibition will do more than speak of the myth by telling the real story, uncovering his fragility due to his loneliness and insecurity that made Casanova an eclectic and complex character for even today’s standards.

Inside you will find written documents where he is protagonist, documents signed by him, objects and original garments, as well as some of the most significant moments of the life of Giacomo. There is a mix of virtual experiences, and ambiences to immerse in, alternating interactive exhibitions, moments to view collectively and others individually. Without a doubt a diverse, touching, and involving experience is guaranteed.  All this is uncovered in the splendid background of a beautiful Venetian Palace.

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