A trip within the islands-Biennale of Art 2015

San Giorgio

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The Biennale involves all of Venice, and not just the areas of the Giardini and the Arsenal.  Collateral events and numerous national pavilions are scattered about the city like leopard spots in every Venetian quarter. Even better, what’s more are the events spread about the many islands in the lagoon this year.

So then why not combine a fantastic art trip with a breathtaking visit to some of the most beautiful islands that surround Venice? It’s worth it, even the Leone d’Oro award is found in a small oasis surrounded by water…



Right in front of Piazza San Marco is San Giorgio. A magical place to visit for its Palladian church, the view from the bell tower, the Giorgio Cini Foundation and much more. In addition is the Jean Plensa event: Together, nothing more needs to be said. To reach it waterbus line 2 from San Zaccaria.



Among the islands of Biennale Art 2015, Giudecca isn’t quite the most exotic island, but exactly for this reason visitors often overlook it.  This year it hosts the Syrian Arab Republic Art pavilion. The island remains a splendid and tranquil escape from the crowded Venetian routes. To reach the island waterbus line 2 from the Zattere.



Here is another gem often overlooked just a few minutes in vaporetto from Venice. Among the islands of the Biennale Art 2015 San Servolo is a must see. A little green paradise that hosts conventions and events. This year the island hosts the Cuban pavilion and part of the Syrian Arab Republic.  To reach it waterbus line 20 from the Pietà.



Between San Servolo and Lido, this minute hidden treasure deserves a visit regardless of the Biennale. The Leone d’Oro award for the nations best art participation is found here, making it the most important island of the Biennale Art 2015. The island is one of the first centers for the Armenian culture and is completely occupied by a monastery, the head quarters for the Mekhitaristi order. The exhibition is dedicated to the Armenian genocide: Armenity/Haiyutioun. Contemporary artists form the Armenian Diaspora. To reach it waterbus line 20 from the Pietà, stop after the island of San Servolo.

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