A Trip in the Northern Lagoon: from Venice to Treporti and back

Mazzorbo Torcello venice northern lagoon

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Today we would like to do something different and see Venice from another perspective.  This is how: Venice offers a lot within the historical city center’s boundaries, but there is a whole world to discover from the Barena “tidelands” to the numerous islands that surround the lagoon.


Using public transportation, considering all is fairly cheap, you can visit the northern lagoon ‘s hidden treasures and naturalistic wonders and colorful islands. The itinerary is full of alternatives that shouldn’t be left unnoticed. It’s great to even think outside the box. This trip can be done only in part concentrating on the most noted islands (Murano, Burano, Torcello) and visit the less touristic (Sant’erasmo, Mazzorbo) or chose naturalistic routes up until the sea. The important thing is not to stop exploring.


The important thing is not to stop exploring


Lio piccolo


The complete itinerary occupies the whole day, so being early birds surely pays.  Starting off from the Fondamente Nuove – just where the sun rises – you can catch waterbus line 12 (every 20-30 minutes) or line 13 (every hour; doesn’t pass by Burano) and start your spectacular nautical journey in the lagoon.  The islands of Murano, the little Venice of artistic glass, the colorful houses and lace of Burano, as well as Torcello the first settlement in the lagoon, but also the vegetables gardens and vineyards of Sant’Erasmo: these islands are parts to the integrating beauty of Venice.


Chiesa Torcello


Many cease this tour and go back. Continuing on towards Treporti instead, you can choose to lunch, rigorously on a fish menu, in one of the typical Venetian restaurants in this seaboard area like the Locanda Zanell or da Tiepolo. From here you can directly access to the sea or rent a bike and adventure in the tideland of the little Oasis of Lio Piccolo.


Lio piccolo panorama montagne


It’s not quite the moment to head back. Or better, return yes, but change the route  and complete the circular perimeter. From Treporti or from the near Punta Sabbioni, it’s possible to embark on a comfortable motonave from which you can admire the splendid panorama, expecially when nearing the end of the day.  Once having surpassed the boca di porto (lagoon entrance) that leads to the Adriatic sea, you may see to your left the military fortification of the Sant’Andrea Island, but above all you will arrive in the San Marco basin, while being welcomed by a marvelous sunset made of incredible colors, just before descending at the San Zaccaria stop, a few steps from Palazzo Ducale.


tramonto san marco


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