A Family Apartment for your vacation in Venice

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Venice is the most romantic city by definition. Its canals, sunsets over water, its atmosphere without time when combined creates a magical and unforgettable experience made especially for couples in love (of all ages). But when the family expands and new little forces of nature become part of your life, Must you have to sacrifice a trip to Venice? Absolutely not.

The Serenissima is a perfect vacation for the whole family, for children of all ages, even during the first months of life, granted you find the right accommodation to fit your needs. How many times have you encountered hotels that promised child services that ended up being completely inadequate? Or how many times have you had to hear complaints from neighboring rooms because it’s “too loud” due to the thin walls? Or when you’ve tried to make food for your little ones but didn’t have the right utensils and dishware to do so? Or maybe there was no highchair, crib, or toys ready to guarantee a happy space for your child?

Well if your looking for the perfect place to stay in Venice with your family with the best service dedicated to your children, you’ve found the place.  The Family Apartment of My Venice Apartment is the perfect place to enjoy your vacation in Venice with all the comforts available to simplify and make your stay in the lagoon city a happy one. 

A private and quiet apartment full of games (it is even equipped with a tent that is bound to entertain your little ones.) Made to fit all necessities when you have children, from high chair to crib, play pin and appropriate dishware. You’ll notice right away how much easier a vacation is when you don’t have to worry about these “extra needs” especially when returning to your apartment after a long day through alleys and campielli of Venice.

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