6 Tricks to avoid getting lost in Venice

get lost in venice

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Even if getting lost in Venice could seem like a good idea (and sometimes we suggest this) often it can result disorienting with the alleys and campielli. So when you are looking for something specific like a palace or museum you can easily find yourself off-route.  But with a few steps to follow you’ll see its possible not to get lost in Venice. 


1 – Signs

Often yellow but sometimes white, they are like street signs. There aren’t very many but they indicate directions especially for the Ferrovia  (train station) or Piazzale Roma. They are located on the Palaces up top at the beginning of alleyways. Other times signals are written in Venetian Style directly on the walls on the “nizioeti.”


2 – References

Try to individualize specific references, possibly squares, churches or famous palaces and determine your position.  Venice isn’t big, if you learn to recognize few key points, you’ll always know (more or less) where you are.  Often it’s best to follow “the general direction” rather than a specific alley.


3 – Quarters  

Venice is divided in quarters, and this is already a big help when encompassing your whereabouts and where you need to go in the city.  Remember that every quarter has an autonomous numerical progression of street numbers. Every quarter also has its morphological characteristics depending on canals, ample areas, and conformations. Why not use street numbers to help you out.


4 – Main Roads

If you have doubts on where you want to go, it’s best to go step by step. The main roads that pass by Venice aren’t many. For example Strada Nova is a large street easily recognized that cuts through the the Cannaregio quarter. Start from any linear or larger path to decide which alley will take you to your destination.


5 – Vaporetti and Stops 

Often taking the waterbus isn’t the best way to visit the city, but sometimes it can be useful.  And maps with all the waterbus stops can especially help and be obvious points of reference.


6 – Google Maps

Nowadays we all have Google maps or some sort of application that thanks to GPS, can calculate the best routes to take. But keeping your eyes fixated on the smartphone can-apart from making you miss the beauty of the city- make you dependent and likely with no battery, putting you back where you started from.

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