5 ways to experience Redentore


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The Festival of Redentore is surely one of the most loved by the Venetians (but not only). The third Saturday of July is circled in red on the lagoon calendars even a year before and the preparations are organized in advance.

The tradition of Redentore dates back to 1577 and commemorates the end to a terrible plague, and the construction of the Redentore basilica del Palladio on the island of the Giudecca. A pilgrimage crossing of an imminent bridge of boats at a length of 330 meters now allows access to the church.

A bridge of boats at a length of 330 meters allows access to the church

The highlight of the night is certainly the incredible firework show that illuminates the San Marco Basin.  The magic of this show fascinates everyone who has the opportunity to witness the play of lights that color and reflect on the water in the heart of Venice.  But to best enjoy the fire works, it is important to choose the right place.

The highlight of the night is certainly the incredible firework show


Surely this is one of the most visited Rive. Best to arrive early so that you can get a place facing the San Marco Basin, while walking towards the Arsenale the crowd tends to lessen. The view is spectacular in both cases, but there are also those that push towards the green Sant’Elena: benches, lawns, and a party atmosphere.



The original Venetians begin preparing their tables even the night before, occupying the Riva of the Giudecca for the feast and night festivities. If you want to breathe in the traditional smell of Redentore, it’s here you need to go.




It’s the best way but also the most complicated way. Venetians go with their own boats, and begin taking their places in the San Marco Basin sometime in the afternoon.  Nevertheless there also are a number of private parties, which can cost from 50 euros and on, that allow you to live Redentore in the midst of the action. Only suggestion: Book right away, places are sold out quickly.



If your budget is high, (at least 600 euros per couple), the spectacular dinner on the terrace of Ca’ Giustinian, the headquarters for the biennale of Venice, has its usual fund-raising dinner for the Historical Archives of Contemporary Art.  This guarantees an unforgettable night and is probably the best place to observe the fireworks in Venice.



If you don’t just want to see the fireworks, but also party until late, the island of Lido is the place for you.  The fireworks are only seen from afar, but for the rest of the night the bars and clubs on the beach are animated and fixed to party until dawn.

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