5 Venetian Presents for Christmas


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Christmas, time for presents, even in Venice. The lagoon city is not only a large and open museum, it’s artwork diffused in every corner, and a concentrated with centuries of history. Even today Venice continues to make unique traditions that celebrate the made in Italy signature and experience handcrafted items on the most famous island in the world. 


Don’t go for the usual plastic junk they try to sell to tourists. Go for quality and innovative design that sets apart Italy from others, by incorporating the Venetian traditions.  Therefore if your in Venice for the Christmas holidays, why not take advantage and purchase a nice present to put under your or friend’s tree? Here then are some ideas for all sorts of pockets.



You wont find anything like them around. Ottica Urbani has been designing frames for generations not only for Venetians but the famous, intellectuals, and artists. From Ernest Hemingyway to Emilio Vedova, Le Corbusier, Elton john as well as Spike Lee. These glasses have made history! You’ll even find glasses decorated with Venetian glass murine.



Never say no to dessert! If you wanna take home a piece of Venice, treat yourself to a box of typical Venetian cookies: Baicoli. And if you can get the tin box, you won’t regret it.



You wanna play dress up as the famous Giacomo Cassanova? Start with attire, in particular the head. Try the handmade tricorno hat made entirely by Monica Daniele using an original mold that dates back to the 1700’s readapted to current artisan manufacturing.



The most modern designs are founded by the secular traditions of Murano glasswork. Unique and typical jewelry for those that love nice things.

vetro murano

Wooden Souvenirs 

Don’t be tempted to buy the typical plastic gondolas (or fake Murano glass ones) Trust instead the handcrafted wooden objects strictly related to Venice as perfect presents to remember the city by.

venezia legno

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