5 Unusual attractions to visit in Venice

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How many things are there to visit in Venice? Many, so many. However you often run the risk of seeing the same ones. If it’s your first time visiting Venice there is no doubt that you’ll visit Piazza San Marco and no one can blame you.  But in time, possibly after having visited Venice more than once and had a feel of the more popular touristic attractions you can visit the less celebrated ones that are just as beautiful and important. Let’s review a couple.

Scala Contarini del Bovolo 

Fortunately for everyone, it has reopened after a long restoration. Yes, it is a staircase, but they are winding stairs of historical and artistic value. It is between gothic and renaissance style and its function is primarily for aesthetic purposes.  The name Bovolo comes from the Venetian term that literally means “snail’s shell.”

Marciana Library

Library? Yes but not just any library.  The incredible Sale Monumentali (Monumental Rooms) entrance is adjacent to the Correr Museum. Their beauty is breathtaking, with décor and detail, but it’s the library that’s a hidden gem. In the middle of Piazza San Marco, in fact, you can have access to one of the largest cultural deposits of Venice’s history.  Surrounded by incredible architecture and the past glorious decades of the Venetian Republic.

Palazzo Fortuny

A palace just as strange as it is fascinating. It hosts the Fortuny Museum and has many art exhibitions throughout the year. The entrance isn’t magnificent like many other Venetian Palaces and the position is hidden away. But from the inside and out you’ll find the Venetian intrigue and mystery.

Marinaressa Garden

It’s a splendid public garden right in the middle of The Riva of the Sette Martiri.  Just recently opened for citizens, it offers a relaxing oasis with a priceless breathtaking view of the San Marco basin.  Trees, lawns of green grass and a feeling of well-being will envelope your stay.

San Francesco della Vigna

In the heart of the Castello quarter, this area offers different attractions that usually revolve around the marvelous church with Palladian façade. The cloister is marvelous as well and the columns located in the adjacent campo (which have been the backdrop to various movies and music video scenes.)

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