5 things Not to Do while in Venice

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There are guides and then, there are guides. If you are getting ready for a trip to Venice, on the web you’ll find a lot of everything. You’ll find countless classifications, lists, and suggestions on what to do while in Venice. Things like, where to go? Where to sleep? Which museums to visit? What palaces to see, the best restaurants, why go here or there, you name it and you’ll find it.

But are we sure this is the best approach to traveling around Venice? Sometimes, its better to know what not to do rather than know all the things you should do.  Think about it, changing perspective can help you save time and money but above all unpleasant or inconvenient situations. So here are some good ideas on what not to do when in Venice.

1 – Visit the city in a day, in the summer, or on the weekend

It is surely the worst way to discover Venice. The summer weekends are generally chaotic, and if you come for just a day or even two you’ll risk having a bad impression of the city that will be hard to forget. There are too many people, crowded public transportation, long lines for museums, vaporetti, and restaurants: not quite the description for a nice vacation.  It’s best to choose other options, other time periods, and other ways to discover Venice.

2 – Choose a restaurant for “tourists”

We know oftentimes it’s easy to fall into these “touristy” traps, especially in a city that hosts millions of visitors yearly. Many restaurants suggest a menu with fixed prices, promising “typical” Italian and “fresh” fish cuisine. Don’t believe it. If you look closely you can catch them immediately: waiters that coax you to come sit down, menus with pictures and special prices. Best to go for a traditional bàcaro, even one of the lesser-known ones, you’ll spend less and eat better.

3 – Sitting down on the ground between alleys, campielli and vaporetti

After long walks in the city, feeling tired is inevitable. But just like all other places in the world, the solution is not to lie on the ground wherever you might find yourself.  It seems strange to say, but in Venice it happens more often than you can imagine. It’s best to sit on red benches found in the squares or you can choose to relax in parks or the many beautiful green areas in the city.

4 – Take a dip in the Canal 

Strange but true: Taking a swim the canals of Venice is strictly prohibited, apart from being dangerous. If it’s a hot day, its best you drink the deliciously refreshing water from the public fountains in the city or choose to visit one of the many beaches on the Lido island where you can take an authentic swim, in the sea.

5 – Choose an illegal room or apartment 

An unpleasant surprise that could ruin your vacation: finding yourself with an illegitimate apartment, not following the norms,  too small or uncomfortable. Unfortunately there are many in the city. The offers seem promising when booking , but once there…

Make sure you choose wisely so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your vacation in Venice.

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