5 Things not to ask a Venetian

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There is useful information to ask and then there are things best not to ask a Venetian. It’s normal, when visiting a new city, no matter how much technological aid is provided today, some doubts are bound to arise. So why not ask a Venetian who lives it everyday? Of course, there aren’t very many of them, but Venetians are happy to help, when cordially asked.  But be sure not to ask the wrong question, especially if the question doesn’t prove to be appreciative or respectful to the city.

Here are some questions you should avoid asking… if you aren’t already well prepared better read this article so you learn the things you would like to know and haven’t had the courage to ask.

# 1 Where can I park in San Marco?

There are very few places Venice that are accessible by car: those directly connected to Venice by the Liberty bridge (Piazzale Roma, Tronchetto, and in part Santa Marta) If you ask a Venetian while your in the car how to reach Piazza San Marco and where you can park along the Marciano area, you won’t hear good or any news.

# 2 Are you from Venice Venice?

It seems strange, in fact, but in Venice some thousands of people still live there. It almost come spontaneously, at times asking a venetian resident if he lives “on” the island because you might assume people live on the mainland of the same community, Mestre. But Venice is Venice and Mestre is Mestre, for many Venetians the difference is substantial.   

# 3 Everyone has a boat in Venice?

It would be great, actually, amazing. But unfortunately, even though having a boat is very useful, it can’t be compared to having a car or bike for those who live in any other city in the world.  Many have boats, with oars or motor, but many others just live the city comfortably by foot.

# 4 Venice is beautiful but I wouldn’t live there…

It’s not quite a question. For many this sounds like a good topic to start up conversation. Many Venetians don’t live in Venice (for numerous reasons) and some may just work there, but would like to return full time. So be careful not to poke at them…

# 5 Where can I eat delicious lasagna?

Excellent, lasagnas are good. But with all the culinary delicacies Venice has to offer, it’s best to try the typical products, local dishes or even better, taste the variety of Cicchetti. The islanders are happy to indicate a delicious Bacaro nearby.

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