5 Reasons to visit Venice

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At least once in your life, Venice should be seen. Everyone, those that have already seen it or those who dream of seeing it, will tell you that thousands of movies set in the lagoon aren’t enough, or the infinite photos or post cards can’t replace the real essence of this unique city, different from all the rest.

There are many marvelous cities in the world, why choose Venice? It’s complicated to reach, difficult to cover, expensive, and crowded during peak season. And yet, its charm remains intact over time, like an inextinguishable burning flame.

A city on water

There are many cities close to the sea, intersected by rivers and equipped with canals, all you have to think about is the “Venices of the North”. But Venice has the particularity that it’s not only surrounded by water, it is fully built on it. The infinite amount of houses and palaces that rise from the water seem to germinate from the canals and the architectural masterpieces that began more than a thousand years ago leave you awed. Admiring this magnificent “floating city” touches all.

Time has stopped

How many cities are there without cars? Not many. Of course, in Venice there are motorized boats of all sizes, but the simple fact that you can walk the historical city center by foot, free of the pollution and bustle of cars that one is so used to, affirms the uniqueness of this city. At night when the calm envelopes Venice and  silence substitutes the frenetic daytime activities, it seems as though time has stopped.

Nutrition for the soul

Take deep breaths, more than once. Repeat anytime possible. It’s not a medical prescription, but a passionate suggestion. Find a hidden corner in the city, even during the more crowded times, it won’t be too hard) and take a moment to yourself to experience that second to live it on your own, don’t think about anything, just listen to the sensation and “live” Venice: Nutrition for the soul.

Return to Beauty

We are used to conventional, to the planned schematic  architecture of the city in which we live in. But Venice is different: it’s art, creativity, history and memory. An anthem of beauty. It is the beauty we are always in need of.

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