5 Reasons to visit Venice in January and February

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Venice isn’t like other cities, this much we know. But there are many different ways to discover it. Its beauty and fascination goes beyond what season, whether it is warm or cold, rainy, foggy or sunny.  We’ve already gone over 5 reasons to visit Venice in autumn. However, winter offers just as good reasons to visit the most beautiful city in the world. 

1 – Magic without traffic

Venice is loved by all. The weeks in which the city empties on this little island and is left for residents to enjoy are very few during the year. If you want to explore Venice in this period, January and February are right for you (excluding carnival period). If you aren’t afraid to find some stores closed and silence that is difficult to encounter any other season, you don’t have to do anything but enjoy what this magical city has to offer.

2 – See the mountains

Venice and the mountains: the best. An incredible and unique spectacle. If you want more chances to visit the Dolomites of Venice, the winter months are the best. Between January and February in fact with cold winds from the north-east the most beautiful limpid and terse days of the year can be found. Nothing is guaranteed, but if you find the right day, the visibility seems to extend to infinity towards the sea and the beautiful mountains that surround the mountains.

3- Sun, fog, high water, and… snow?

The Venetian winter climate varies and weather conditions are certain with only a few days notice. You want to experience a mix of the Venetian atmosphere? Perfect: sunny limpid skies, heat wave, rain and maybe some high water… with a little luck, possibly some snow? Wintertime is priceless.

4 – I pick the museum 

In the summer or springtime you might not be able to visit all the museums you had planned due to long lines under the hot sun where you’d be more inclined to go for a nice trip to Lido by the sea or a bike ride.  Winter is the best moment for who loves art and wants to uncover the heritage museums in Venice.

5 – Carnival and not only 

If instead you love parties, then the Venetian Carnival is just for you. Party, mundane life, masks, parades and much more.  Even this is a Venetian winter.

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