5 reasons to visit Venice in autumn

Venice in Autumn

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Venice is always marvelous. But every season holds different hues of beauty that exalt some of its qualities more than others. If hot summer nights embrace you in a festive energy, fall reserves unexpected surprises, like limpid sunsets and typical atmospheric phenomenon. Here then are some valid reasons to visit Venice in autumn.  


1. Tranquility

If you really want to get to know Venice, its best to do so without having to be continuously in long lines for everything: while walking through alleyways looking for a restaurant or waiting for public transportation. The periods in which the touristic flow lessons (although it never really stops completely) are the best periods to enjoy the city in tranquility. Take advantage of autumn to discover every angle of the city and its natural rhythm.


2. Atmosphere

If your looking for the Classical Venice, the mysterious noble 18th century Venice so praised and captivating, autumn is the season meant for you. Often with a layer of fog that silently envelops the city with a magical atmosphere.  Muffled sounds and visual perception limited; the soul of Venice prevails all: it seems as though you can touch the city’s essence.


3. Colors

With fall comes the change of light, the days are shortened and the sunrays hit the palaces and canals in a different inclination.  During limpid days, the colors are saturated and the brightness culminating is beautiful to withhold.


4. Museums

Venice is an open Museum. Good. But there are many museums, traditional ones that is. In autumn the lines to visit them are definitely less then the ones found during summer, and you may also be able to climb the San Marco bell tower without having to wait all day.


5. High Water

Exactly, we’re talking about high water, a unique phenomenon – even though its dangerous implications are worrisome for the city – it remains fascinating. It is important to experience it with the right respect. In autumn you can see some of the first signs of high water that cover fondamente, alleyways, and campielli.  And so the city that rises from the lagoon becomes even more incredible with unusual and extraordinary views. Walking on water (with the right boots) with caution and care is a Venetian event to experience.

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