5 reasons to love Venice

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Everyone loves Venice. There’s no doubt about that. Yeah, but why is this little city that emerges from the Venetian lagoon so loved? Being one of the most famous places in the World, everyone at least once in their life would like to visit. We may be biast, but we are sure that it is love at first sight for anyone who comes to visit. 

Here are a few reasons why Venice is so close to our heart.

# Venice is unique

Seems obvious to state, but it truly is. Apart from the various replicas (Las Vegas’s to the Danian in China) the real Venice is impossible to copy. You can’t recreate the alleyways or the palaces the way they are- and above all you can’t recreate the atmosphere that is so unique to this city. See it to believe it.

#Venice will help you change perspective

Sometimes seeing the world through a different perspective can help us reconsider our priorities. Venice is the perfect place to simplify and slow down a frenetic lifestyle while remaining in a city surrounded by nature.  The connection of island to lagoon, man and sea is the perfect harmony that makes us witness the splendor in this marvelous planet.

#Venice is a timeless island

Sometimes, when taking a walk in Venice, especially at night, everything seems to stand still in time. Of course its long history is omnipresent in every angle and moment, but it’s the serene silence that is found in the less crowded areas that make your trip in Venice extra special.

#You’ll never forget Venice

If you’ve already seen Venice you already have proof. If you still have to book, just ask friends who have already been. We are more than positive they have unforgettable memories in this magical city. Venice isn’t an ideal place for everyone (some inconveniences due to it’s uniqueness are inevitable) but for those who love its beauty, this island will remain imbedded in your mind.

#Venice is good for the soul (and the mind)

Venice is a healthy alternative for the mind and spirit. Choose the best period to visit, the areas less crowded, and don’t forget to see the hidden islands in the archipelago. The city’s delicate beauty allows you to unwind and regenerate so that you can tackle everyday life.

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