4 hidden churches in Venice

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It’s not difficult to imagine that Italian cities count at least a dozen churches each. From more important ones to the minor ones, all churches store a hidden architectural treasure and works of art that will take your breath away. Visiting them, both free or those that require payment  (for a few euros) are always a good investment. But there are many secret gems that are off the touristic itineraries that deserve to be uncovered.

Chiesa della Madonna dell’Orto

madonna de l'orto


It lies marvelously in front of the eyes of all. In the characteristic and not so visited area of Cannaregio. The church is a wonderful surprise.  located in a beautiful setting with its campo facing the canal, a memorable bell tower, and inside beautiful Tintoretto artwork.


Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli

Certainly one of the most unique churches of the city.  In fact it’s not like any other church. It’s very close to the renowned church San Giovanni e Paolo and very close to the Rialto bridge, a beautiful little treasure placed between two bridges and a canal. You will most likely see its backside, which is cause enough to take your breath away. The Church is still intact from 1489 with every feature rich and honoring its renaissance architecture.  Ticket required.


Chiesa dei Gesuiti


A traditional church with Latin accents, rich façade and a strategic position in the Fondamente Nuove (out of the touristic areas.) Its façade is majestic and has artwork unmeasurable in value. You can be sure to add it to your itinerary when visiting both Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Madonna dell’Orto churches.


Basilica di San Pietro di Castello

It’s one of the oldest churches in Venice dating back to the VII century. After many transformations it finally stands before us in its magnificence. It’s the only church in Venice with a beautiful campo of grass. Every year the celebrated S. Piero sagra (fair) is organized here. Its position is out of the way (after the Arsenale and Via Garibaldi.) Not to be overlooked for the “authentic” Venice lovers.

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